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I ♥ Matt McGrath's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
I ♥ Matt McGrath

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[16 Jun 2004|05:10pm]

hullo! anyone still left around here?

just thought i'd say hi. i was just studying in london this past semester and was lucky enough to see matt in "the black rider" at the barbican theatre.. three times in one week! i loved it so much. especially matt, he is absolutely amazing. i met him after the second performance i saw and i didn't know what to say besides "you are incredible." it's amazing how he can go from singing in this sweet little-boy voice to this really intense singing voice. my favourite part hands-down was the striptease he does at the end. he gets so into it, by the end there were tears in his eyes and a definite psychotic glint in there as well.

aside from him, the entire performance is incredible. it's kind of a mix between rocky horror and cabaret. tim burton-meets-the-cabinet-of-dr-caligari. all of the actors are amazing. marianne faithfull is in it. the music is fabulous and the set design is great. i'm taking a trip out to san francisco to see it again in the fall.

photos from the playCollapse )
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greetings [17 Feb 2003|08:48pm]

Hey there, I don't usually do introductions, but I figured I would this time.

I've loved Matt since I first saw him as the Emcee in Cabaret (I never saw him in any stage show before that), and I ended up seeing him 11 times. Little did I know that I'd unintentionally seen his first show (it was my first time seeing Cabaret, I'm up to 31 now), and I saw his last. He was so sweet. Of course I'm a sucker for Broken Hearts Club, The Anniversary Party, Boys Don't Cry, Cruel Doubt, and I'll watch just about anything he does, no matter how small the part....he surpassed Alan Cumming as my favorite actor. To those who know me, that's a colossally big deal. I also saw Matt in the little off-Broadway play he did from November-December this past year. Once again he was wonderful (though I thought the play kinda blew).

I also want to thank locy
for adding my site to the community info, that's so very lovely! It's just so nice to (finally) see more people interested in the man!
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[16 Feb 2003|03:52pm]


I am locy, your moderator; as I'm currently the only member of the community, this doesn't mean much, but it's okay.

I just found the wonderful review of Hedwig and the Angry Inch that Ben Brantley wrote in 2000. If, for whatever reason, NY Times won't let you see it without paying, this is what he said about Matt.Collapse )

I want to keep this community alive, so join and contribute, and tell your friends to, too. :)

Much love,

Sophia (locy)
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